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Burnout on the Rise Among Physicians

Half of the general practitioners in the United States are experiencing burnout, according to a recent survey. That is a seven percent increase over 2013. The burnout rate for primary care physicians is at a level similar to internists, general surgeons and infectious disease specialists, and lower only than critical

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How to Approach Informed Consent for Patients

When describing a treatment plan to a patient, informing the patient about potential risks is part of what informed consent is all about. Many physicians believe they do a pretty good job of laying out all the potential benefits and drawbacks of a treatment, but there is evidence to suggest

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Dealing With the High Cost of Drugs

It is a problem that physicians encounter from time to time – patients who don’t take their medications as prescribed. Sometimes it could be from carelessness or forgetfulness, but sometimes the reason for not taking medication is a little more serious. Sometimes it is the high cost of the drugs

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Characteristics of Successful Medical Practices

What factors contribute to the success of a medical practice? What makes a medical practice a better performing one? These were the questions posed recently by the Medical Group Management Association. In looking at these questions, the Association looked at four performance areas and found that successful practices shared certain

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Ownership of Medical Records

Who should own medical records? Some commentary on the subject has appeared recently in the press, and it has elicited some strong opinions on both sides of the issue. As things stand now, physicians and hospitals have ownership of medical records. But that fact doesn’t appear to be well known

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