4 Things You Can Do to Jump Start Your Job Search

If you’ve decided to take your medical career to the next level this year, read below for four things you can do to jump start your job search.

Make sure you know exactly what kind of position you seek.

Have a small meeting with yourself to clarify your goals and what you truly want to accomplish in your career as you move forward. In addition, be very clear what it is you bring to a medical practice or hospital. Knowing what you want and what you can provide an employer will help you focus your efforts and will make it easier for you to be chosen for the position you really want.

Find the names and contact information for the hiring managers at the hospital, facility, clinic, or department you wish to work for.

See if you can get an informational meeting with these individuals to learn about hiring trends within their department, etc.

Make sure you’re organized in your hunt for a new opportunity.

Place all of your job search materials (names and contact info, employer facts, resumes/CVs and cover letters, etc.) in one place you can access quickly and easily. In addition, putting these documents in a cloud storage space gives you access to them at any time and anywhere you might be. You’ll want to place paper documents in a binder for easy access, as well.

Find someone (or several someones) who can help you in your job search.

These could be mentors, but they also could be physician recruiters such as those at Integrity Healthcare. As for mentors, be sure to choose people who will provide you with honest feedback and who will help guide you as you make progress throughout your career. Aim to meet with your mentor regularly and also stay in touch with your recruiter(s). Quarterly touches are good.

As mentioned above, if you’re a physician or other healthcare professional looking to make a move, don’t hesitate to send your resume/CV to the recruiters at Integrity Healthcare. We have many current openings for positions at hospitals and medical facilities all over the country. Contact us today.